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We are oilcloth specialists and have been importing Mexican oilcloth for over a decade.
Oilcloth is a durable, flexible, vinyl-coated fabric. It is stain resistant, hard wearing and 100% waterproof. Many of the designs we stock are traditional Mexican patterns originating in the 1940s and 50s. Oil cloth has many uses, great as tablecoverings for indoor or outdoor use and also for crafting and interior design projects. Ideal for cafes and restaurants.
All of our oilcloth is 120cm in width. All of our cut-to-size oilcloth is the same price. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

cool colours - A clean fresh selection of oilcloths in shades of blue, green, turquoise & violet

Purple Hibiscus Mexican Oilcloth
Mexican Bouquet Oilcloth
Blue Hibiscus Mexican Oilcloth
Turquoise Rose Vinyl Fabric
Green Strawberry Oilcloth
Blue Oranges Vinyl Fabric
Blue Strawberry Vinyl Fabric
Silver Cherry Oilcloth
Blue Floral Oilcloth
Light Blue Floral Vinyl Fabric
Blue Rose Oilcloth
Turquoise Cherry Vinyl Fabric
Green Floral Vinyl Fabric
Blue Paris Oilcloth
Green Floral Vinyl Fabric
Pale Blue Floral Oilcloth
Blue Chilli Pepper Oilcloth
Mexican Tehuana Blue Oilcloth
Mexican Tehuana Green Oilcloth
Silver Oilcloth
Blue Mexican Bouquet Oilcloth
Purple Floral Vinyl Fabric
Black Oilcloth
Black Oilcloth

PLEASE NOTE - The printing process used to produce this oilcloth sometimes causes slight off register markings or imperfections. This is a feature common to all Mexican Oilcloth.