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Chalkboard Fabric

Chalkboard Fabric is such a popular material in the States but almost impossible to get in the UK so we thought we'd add it to our collection and you seem to be loving it!
chalkboardfabric uk Chalkboard fabric is a soft pliable fabric, it is similar to oilcloth in that it is waterproof and very durable. It has a matte black finish. You can write on it with chalk and wipe it clean, over and over again, just like a blackboard. It has hundreds of craft uses or can be used simply as a plain black tablecloth. It can be sewn, folded, rolled just like oilcloth. We will be bringing you pictures and project ideas soon.. keep watching. Chalkboard fabric is slightly thicker than oilcloth. Swatch samples available on request.

Click HERE for details about preparing chalk fabric for use/ curing chalk fabric.

PLEASE NOTE - Important info regarding shipping costs for chalkboard fabric. We use postal tubes to send chalkboard fabric over 1.25 metres as we think it is nicer for you to receive it without folds. Before the changes to Royal Mail it cost £5.30 to do this, it now costs over £10! We have been subsidising this cost which can be £7 per order but cannot continue to do this. We have decided to make a small surcharge on chalkboard orders of 1.25-2.25 metres, we will still subsidise approx 30% of the postage charge.

1.25-1.5 metres are subject to a £2.50 surcharge for shipping
1.75-2.25 metres are subject to a £1.50 surcharge for shipping

£10 per half metre. Available from 0.25cm to full rolls.
Width - 48inch, 122cm.
Chalkboard fabric will be supplied in one continuous length unless requested otherwise.